Old Format, New Music

The classic YouTube cover. We have seen and heard theĀ Ghostbusters theme song sung in acapella style or a metal version of Star Wars. Well, someone has found a use for all those old floppy disk drives you have hanging around. Recreating a fantastic cover of the 90’s Disney cartoon “TaleSpin”. While this may not be the next wave in music, it still shows that these older formats are still around in one way or another.

This video and many others come from a YouTuber called MrSolidSnake745. He turned his eight floppy disks into a band that could rival any garage band. By changing the speed and power voltage, you can reshape the pitch of the floppy disks. It doesn’t need to sound like the original and that is fine because this is so cool. Give it a watch and tell me what other videos you would like me to showcase.



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