How-To: 3D Printed Batarang

Cosplay season is coming upon us on and here at the Nerd Nexus want to help you with that. So I want to show you what I have done to stir some of your nerdy creative juices in you.

Now, who doesn’t what to be Batman? He’s one of the coolest superheroes because he is just like us except being a billionaire. I decided to make my own Batarang for a future cosplay.

As a novice in the realm of 3D printing, I don’t know all the aspects of doing this. So, let’s learn together. The picture above represents what I started to do in Autodesk 123D Design. It’s a free tool to create and shape your idea into 3D. Which I need to do in order to print the design out. Creating this model, I used the Batarang design from various sources but mainly the Batman: Arkham game series, that was used by Project TriForce in their product. For mine, I added some “aerodynamic holes” to counterbalance the look of the prop. At first, I had to create one-half of the prop so I could mirror it on the left side. I added some bevels to create the arcs and a chamfer to clean the edges for sharpness.

Thanks for sticking around and reading this. In the next chapter of this build, I tell you how to 3D print this object and introduce you to your best friend, sandpaper.


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