G.I.Joe a No Go? 


Whatever happened to G.I.Joe? You remember those, it was a toy line that began in the 1960’s, geared toward boys. Through several incarnations, Hasbro enjoyed the success the brand brought it. But there is a problem. The real American hero has disappeared from toy shelves all over. Walking into a ToysRUs, not a joe can be found. When a few years ago you could find full shelves.

As a G.I.Joe fan, I adore these 3-inch figures. I became a fan of the brand due to my brother playing with them. We lived on a military base and our only source of fun was these figures. Replicating the battles that we have seen on the G.I.Joe cartoon or creating new stories from our imagination. My brother would take that a step further with fireworks. As I grew, the brand did as well. Many direct to video movies, countless cartoon incarnations, and two films. I still collect these figures but in recent years because it stopped. Not due to money, but because of lack of toys.

Each year all the toy manufacturers from around the world descend to New York for ToyFair. The New York Toyfair just ended and there were no G.I.Joe figure in sight. Prime 1 Studio, a third party company created a poly stone statue of two Cobra figures. Which was reported in these two tweets seen below.

While these two statues are beautifully designed and detailed, they are not the action figure that I grew up with. You can’t reenact battle or have them hold any accessories that they come with. Plus, these statues are going to cost an arm and a leg. The average action figure cost $9 and I can get more play out of these. Not to mention that they are poseable and these statues are static.

The real question that I would like to state to Hasbro is, where is G.I.Joe? What happened to the brand? They have announced that all the movies from Transformers: The Last Knight onwards will be a part of the “Hasbro Cinematic Universe“. Kind of like the Marvel Cinematic Universe but with Hasbro products. G.I.Joe is going to be a part of this but nothing is happening. Hasbro post all these details about the universe but no word on the toys?

G.I.Joe as an emerging brand? Apparently, 50 is the new 2.

If you would indulge me Nerd Nexus readers, I want to tell something to Hasbro directly. If you are not going to release anymore G.I.Joe figures, please tell us fans. Don’t leave us hanging on threads. In forums discussing the fate of the toys or creating fan conventions. Rip the bandage off and tell the truth. Follow the motto of the end of every G.I.Joe cartoon, “Now you know and knowing is half the battle.”


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