Field Trip Friday 

Remember field trips? As a kid handing your parents a note to sign to let you go on these days trips. They were always informative but fun. I wanted to try a new post that works kind of like that. Give you a local place you can visit for a couple hours and have some fun. For this first Field Trip Friday, I wanted to show you the Envision Center

As you might expect this place is Nerd heaven for technology. The goal of the Envision Center is to integrate state-of-the-art technology to discover a different way of communicating concepts. One reason they use this is for replicating clean labs. Purdue could not spend millions of dollars and years to build this lab. So, the center created a virtual model of a clean lab to train people in. Other uses are teaching people about technologies and how they interact with them everyday. 

One piece of really cool tech was the VR treadmill. Which I had to try out for you all. This was purely research and no fun was allowed…okay I lied, this was fantastic. I had to be strapped into this device with a virtual reality unit on my head. Using special shoes, you can walk around the virtual world that was created. It’s a mind boggling experience if you had not done it before. Suddenly you are transported to another realm where you can paint in 3D or work in a laboratory. In addition to the virtual reality headsets, they also have a Microsoft Hololens and Google Cardboard. 

If you have some time on your hands, head to the Envision Center. Located in the basement level of Stewart Center, it is one place you should go before you graduate. 


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