Geek Chic Store to Open

Welcome back to the Nexus. Today, I would like to share a very cool news story my professor Jane Natt shared with me.

For me, I love going online and seeing what cool nerd items are out there. Figures to new hoodies, all of these bring a joy to my eye. Mostly I shop at, where you can all these wares and more. Recently Thinkgeek decided to get into the retail business and open up some stores. 

This info that my professor shared with me is, Thinkgeek will be opening a store here in Lafayette, IN. According to the Journal & Courier, this new store will open up at the end of the month. Which is a relatively short time from now. I’m very excited for this because I always wanted to view or try on some of these items. With Thinkgeek originally being an online store, you could not do that. 

As of right now there are no grand opening celebrations that are listed on the website. Usually Thinkgeek loves to have a party and give some stuff away. Keep an eye on their store location page for upcoming details. 


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