Puppet Streaming? 

Yes, you read that title right. First of all, one of the hottest things in the video game universe is streaming. That is when you play a game online for others to watch. Usually it is live on streaming services such as Twitch. When watching one of these streams, most of the times there is a person on camera that is playing the game. Then I saw this:

It stunned me. A dog playing a video game? No, apparently this is a up and coming thing in gaming. This is where the camera overlays a object on the person. The camera tracks the person and reads the facial expressions. This is puppet gaming. As I looked into this, more and more streamers are using this software to create a fun and relaxing experience for the community. One other streamer I found created a cartoon avatar, which blew my mind. 

This type of streaming conceals the face of the gamer. This could be for privacy reasons or an innovative tool. I would not characterize all gamers as introverted but this would help some ones who want to have this type of life. I think this is a big step in streaming and I wanted you all to know. 

What would your avatar be if you were a streamer? Tell me in the comments below. 


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