Say “Cheese”

When was the last time you took a photo in a photo booth? For most of us, that was when you five at the local Chuck E Cheese or if you are older than 30, it was at the mall. You and your friends were packed into a small area, creating funny poses, and anticipating when the pack of four pictures would print out.  While I was at the West Side Block Party on Saturday April 8th, I seen a small attraction that garnered the most attention amidst all the inflatables and food stalls. A small non-descript wooden box with some black cloth. Today, I want to introduce you the Broad Ripple Photo Booth.

Created by Mike Barnhart and his father, this self-built photo booth was made because of the demand of these items at wedding, proms, and other celebratory events. He seen the niche that had to be filled and created fix for that. You might ask yourself, why is this so nerdy? It’s nerdy because of the time and skill to created something that you have a passion for. Mike and his build a booth that is portable and fold up at the moments notice. That is talent, skill, and know-how to envision something in your head and do it. I couldn’t design a photo booth that folds up let alone building two of them. Figuring out how to use the computer software and printing the photo out all in one machine.

At the block party, you could see that this was a popular attraction. Lines of friends would eagerly await there turn. Trying on all sorts of funny props to enhance their photo. I interviewed him and asked him a why does he likes to do this?

From what I could see at the party, he is enjoying what he does. So do the customers that go to his booth. Bringing joy to others with a simple photo. The quote that often goes around is “a photo is worth a thousand words”. I would also say that it brings a lifetime of happiness, not just to the people in the photo but to the person who takes the picture.


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