Transform and Roll Out

Back in 1985, kids would run home to watch the Transformers and G.I.Joe on television. Hasbro knew they had caught lightning in bottle. Ever since then, these kids turned into adults collecting these toys. Yes, I collect G.I.Joes as well, but I am proud to say I collect Transformers. Out of all the Transformers I have, there is one that I love dearly. He is known as Soundwave. A Decipticon spy, who uses his skills to gather and report all information to Megatron.

The link above is a review by Optibotimus. This show the exact figure I have, as well as the many points of interest it has. Plus, the range of movements provides me with some excellent poses. I am completely in love with Soundwave. How can you not like a character that can transform into a cassette player. Soundwave brings back the nostalgia factor that lacked in most Transformers figures in recent times. Since the movies, Hasbro changed the looked of each figure. Most were to bring Transformers into the 21st century. A modern look for a older product. For me, this version of Soundwave is the best. Classic, clean, and cool. 

Do you collect anything nerdy? Share them in the comments below and pictures are always welcome. 


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