How-To: 3D Printed Batarang: Part 4

I cannot believe that we are at the end of 3D Printed Batarang build. It amazes me how much we learned and accomplished during this process. I can remember the first week of writing the process of designing the Batarang up. The only thing that is left to work on is painting. For that, you can do whatever you mind desires. You are only bounded by your imagination.


  1. Filler Spray Paint
  2. Bondo (optional)
  3. Flat Black Spray Paint
  4. Gunmetal/Silver Hobby Paint
  5. Chip/Old Brush

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Your first step after sanding is cleaning the dust off so that won’t mess with the spray paint. The filler spray paint will fill the uneven parts and level everything else. Make sure you spray both sides and the “aerodynamic” holes. Read the directions on the filler paint but it usually takes about an hour for both sides to dry. The optional next step is to find where the filler paint did not stay or was missed and fill that with Bondo. If you want to do that, Bondo is sold at automobile part stores. Just apply, wait till dry, and sand to smooth.) For me, I give another coat of filler paint to make sure everything is smooth.

Next painting, Take your flat black spray paint and give it a few nice coats all over. Use a cloth hanger to suspend your Batarang for painting and drying. Most spray paints take under an hour to dry but I like to give it a couple coats and wait at least a day before anything else. Your final step is highlighting or “battle damage”. Take some gunmetal/silver paint on your chip/old brush and wipe that on a paper towel. Then brush it on you prop however you want. This is called dry brushing. Make it look somewhat symmetrical but that is up to you as well. This is my favorite step because you can make it however you want. I wanted to make my prop feel like it was used in the heat of battle. Like me, you can give your own Batarang a backstory. Was it newly minted? Battered and beaten? That is the fun of prop making, you decide. That is where the old brush comes in.

So, I hereby dub you official prop makers. Go out into the world and build to your heart’s content. Find out new methods and always make things you love. If you want to share your new prop skills, comment below. I would love to see the amazing props you make.



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